Salton Sea / Bombay Beach, California.

The Salton Sea, located in the southeastern corner of California, is actually a lake which occupies a desert basin known as the Salton Sink. This body of water covers a surface area of 376 square miles, making it larger than Lake Tahoe and Mono Lake. In fact, the Salton Sea is the largest lake in California. The Sea was created by a flood in 1905, in which water from the Colorado River flowed into the area.

Bombay Beach is a small town on the east shore of the Salton Sea, the ruins of Bombay Beach attract many photographers and visitors. Sunken trailer park - at the south end of Avenue E. In the 1980s, the water level of the Salton Sea rose and fell several times. The town of Bombay Beach was partially inundated by these fluctuations and a berm was built on the south end of town to prevent further flooding. The remains of a trailer park can be seen with some of the buildings and trailers half-buried in mud.

Yacht Club Northern End of Salton Sea

Abandoned Building On Yacht Club Grounds

Mecca Beach Sign

Beach And Old Pier Stumps, Bombay Beach

Trailer Home In Ruins, Bombay Beach

Yacht Club Wide View

Yacht Club Lakeside Wide View

Migratory Birds Of The Salton Sea

Old Pier Stumps

Ruin Home Left To The Elements

Yacht Club Looking East

Lakeview from Yacht Club

Photographer At Mecca Beach

Dead Tilapia On Beach

RV In Severe Disintergration