Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California.

Since I live in this area, I have wonderful pictures of this icon of engineering.

Shuttle Endeavour flying over the bridge
and Fort Point

Bridge after the rains, overcast skies and surfers

Bridge with beautiful clouds on a very clear day from Baker Beach

Bridge on an overcast morning from China Beach

Bridge on a foggy day from the north end parking lot

U.S. flag and bridge southern tower
from Fort Point

Bridge toll plaza on the southern end at 9.00am

Golden Gate Bridge in rear view mirror
and The City in the distant

Rain drops on windshield and Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Bridge from the Marin Headlands with San Francisco in the background

Monochrome bridge on a foggy day with Marin Headlands

Bridge sunset from the trail at the Presido National Park

Southern tower on a foggy day, view from the city

Hopper's Hands at Fort Point with bridge in the background

Area closed to all visitor use due to heighten security